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We make a difference for your next travel adventure!

Since 2010, Unique Travel has sent thousands of Danes on journeys to Asia. We offer no standard solutions, quick unspecified last-minute deals, or 14-day charter vacations in Thailand. Instead, we create tailor-made package tours with a personal itinerary, crafted 100% based on your desires for the trip, and with some of the industry's best knowledge of the destinations.

When you get in touch with Unique Travel, you'll be assigned a personal travel consultant, and together you'll piece the journey together until it matches your expectations and budget. We only recommend places, hotels, and excursions that we have personally seen, so we can vouch for the products we suggest. This concept allows you to be guided and assisted on an amazing journey while also saving some money. Our prices are highly competitive, and at the same time, you'll receive the best service in the industry.

One of the significant ways we differ from the rest of the industry is our knowledge, expertise, and high level of service. Our passion for travel and what we do is evident in our service, ensuring you have a better and more unique travel experience!

When you book your trip with Unique Travel, you'll be given a login to your own travel page. Here, your travel itinerary will be detailed, so you don't have to search your inbox for the latest travel proposal - everything is available on your travel page. Additionally, you can see exactly how your itinerary looks day by day on your journey. It clearly shows which hotel, room type, transportation, etc., are ready for you upon arrival. We have provided links, so you can easily click through to the hotel's website and see even more pictures and information.



The path to your dream journey

Travel with Unique Travel. Our completely UNIQUE travel concept allows us to tailor your dream trip exactly as you wish, and at the right price.


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T: +45 8818 4618