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The travel company of Northern Jutland

SunCharter is a small North Jutland-based travel company that strives to offer trips to both young, elderly, and families who wish to fly directly from Aalborg Airport. Quality is a keyword, both for our destinations and hotels, as well as the time spent together on vacation.

SunCharter is 100% Danish, and you will encounter Danish staff both in the office, on the plane, and our tour guides at all destinations, which contributes to creating a sense of security for all our guests from start to finish.



Charter trips from Aalborg Airport

SunCharter was founded in 2008 by Jesper Schousen and initially offered family trips to Bulgaria from Aarhus Airport. In 2011, the company was taken over by “DK Rejs”, which, from 2014, decided to focus on classic charter destinations from Aalborg Airport. In November 2016, Primo Tours acquired the SunCharter brand. Today, SunCharter continues to primarily operate from Aalborg Airport with a focus on the North Jutland target audience.


Travelheart Family

Rindumgaards Allé 3, Rindum

6950 Ringkøbing


T: +45 8818 4618