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We only create trips we'd take ourselves

DANexplore specializes in tailor-made trips to North America, Oceania, Africa, and Asia. Our motto is that we only create trips we'd take ourselves.

In fact, our motto is also a promise we have kept since the travel agency's inception in 2009. All our employees love to travel, and together we have over 45 years of travel experience. This experience is drawn upon every time we put together a new travel itinerary.

We know your destination like the back of our hand, and therefore, we can equip you with the right tools to make the most out of your journey. We always go the extra mile to include both well-known, lesser-known, and slightly overlooked experiences in your travel plan.

For all our destinations, we have specialists assigned. To live up to the title of a specialist, our travel consultants visit their destinations at least every other year, so their knowledge is always up to date. Therefore, you'll be speaking with a travel consultant who knows the shortcuts, knows the best time to travel, and is familiar with the places you shouldn't miss.

At DANexplore, we are with you throughout the entire journey. Hence, your package trip is in safe hands when you book with us, and we only collaborate with carefully selected international and local partners who meet our quality and product safety requirements. DANexplore is located in Randers and is a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund #2842.



Round trips and individual travels worldwide

Tailor-made and individually customized self-drive vacations, ski trips, safaris, and round trips. We only create trips we'd take ourselves. Over 30 years of experience. Member of the Travel Guarantee Fund. 24-hour service. Top-rated travel agency.


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T: +45 8818 4618